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So What's The Story Cam?

23rd June 2003
Ali is nearly due (July 12th), and I'm still working on the website :-) We moved to Brisbane now, email me for the address if you didn't get it already.

My knee injury is coming along pretty well, I should be able to start soon. I got two great physios, and I'm soon to start with the strength coach! Yay! about time. I'm still coaching the USC mens/womens team for the Uni games (around July 6th I think).

In other news, I'm building a computer - about time really. Hmm .. what else. Not too much, everyone is doing well, and I'm trying to work hard to get everything done before the baby :-).

June 2002
Currently (June 2002), I'm working on my website (FlamingText.com) full time, using money that I saved while I was working in the US. I gave myself 6 months to make it profitable, but 6 months has already past, and I'm still working on it. So far the results are promising, hits are up, money is up :-) But I won't be retiring any time soon...

I currently live in the Sunshine Coast in Coolum Beach (where Alison and I bought a unit).

  • Wed Jun 26 2002 - My brother won tickets to the State of Origin final in Sydney. I tried to spot him on the tele, maybe tomorrow on the footy show. Queensland wins!! (draw == Qld wins)
  • Wed Jun 19 2002 - We won the Noosa Volleyball League Men's A division. Trouncing Omegas in 3 sets :-) The guys on the team were all happy cause they had made the finals 4 or 5 times in recent years but this was the first win. Beats me why, we (Redskins) have awesome players!
  • Wed Jun 12 2002 - Last weekend I played in the Queensland State Volleyball Championships. Even though I've been out of the country for 10 years, I recognized two people! We didn't do very well, but were missing a few "big guns". We started to play better on the Sunday, and the team definately needs some more indoor practise.
  • May/June? 2002 - I finally got around to transfering over to the Coolum Soccer club. I get a lot more game time now :-)

    Pre 1998

  • I used to work for a company called The Local Group and contracting around to various places. One of which was MegaSoft (located in Freehold), where I wrote a unix plugin (for Netscape) to do software distribution. That was quite fun, and interesting to think of a piece of software sitting on 20 million desktops (which it didn't)!
  • I will soon be applying for my Green Card (update: I won one in the diversity lottery).
  • I used to at work at Outsource Labs where I write lots of java code (yay!) and (sometimes) develop/teach java courses.
  • I spend a fair amount of my free time checking out Marimba and answering questions about their technology and java in general. Here are my Channels. They now ship their tuner with direct access to my transmitter! (check the What's "Hot" Tab)
  • In my spare time I abuse some sites (usually my friends, and also notibly AT&T and Gamelan and JavaSoft .. but I haven't done this very much in the last few months.
  • In my other spare time I write stupid little JavaScripts and Java Programs.
  • In yet different spare time, I help maintain the NJ Volleyball page, and the Garden Empire Volleyball Association page.
  • I think most useful page I have is a frames version of the Java API but no-one seems to use it. I attribute this to one of two things: either it really does suck, or there really just aren't many people out there who actually program. (but the people at JavaSoft like it, and linked it from their pages!). Update: Sun has moved their jdk 1.2 and above to use my Java Api! I worked with them over a few weeks to get it into the current form!
  • In my other other spare time a play a little volleyball for the Young Guns and coach Rassig and Team Extreme.

    Cameron Gregory - cameron@bloke.com